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SELECT,, o.titles, o.initials, o.prefix, o.postfix, o.christianname, o.kindofobject, objectterm.term, dates FROM Object o, Objectdate m left join objectterm on = WHERE (objectterm.thesaurus = 'itemsoort' or is null) and (objectterm.thesaurus = 'itemsoort' and objectterm.term <> 'Dossier') and ( and (KindOfDate='Publikatiedatum' or KindOfDate='Begindatum' or KindOfDate='Invoer')) and o.KindOfObject='item' and (name like '%woningmarkt%' or ChristianName like '%woningmarkt%' or ( in (select from ObjectText x where Text like '%woningmarkt%')) or ( in (select from ObjectTerm t where t.Term like '%woningmarkt%'))) GROUP BY ORDER BY m.dates DESC, Name, Titles, Initials, Prefix, Postfix

Error: Unknown column '' in 'on clause'